Uh Oh Spagetti-o!?!?

  Ok, so this is the first post of 2012.. But sadly I have to start with unfortunate news… So I realized for sure now that I’ve deleted just about most of my creation pictures.. and that’s a real bummer.. But I can recall just about everyone. And I’m going to tell you…..THEY’RE AMAZING! The first cake I ever baked and decorated was a green dinosaur. It was for my friend’s birthday freshman year. And she wanted a dinosaur with a top hat and a monocle. It was legit, just saying.. but yah  actually and honestly a girl walked up to me and said it was legit. That’s when I knew I got the knack for this.

This is what it looked like, but with a black top hat and monocle. And it was vanilla. (PS..That’s my favorite flavor)

  The order of these creations is going to get a little fuzzy, but I think the next thing I made was a chocolate hello kitty cake for another friend’s birthday. It was super cute.

It looks similar to this but it was a square shaped cake without candy features, just all icing.

  The next was vanilla princess cupcakes with white and pinkish-red frosting. I’ve also made a vanilla with strawberries birthday cake for my mom and a vanilla diary of a wimpy kid birthday cake for my brother.

 And then some of my more recent ones were a vanilla unicorn cake, vanilla fairy wings, and chocolate Finding Nemo.


  And some of the even more recent birthday cakes are a brownie cake and a chocolate cake. But these ones are special. I have learned the art of marshmallow fondant making.. AWESOME. Right?! Like really, it’s so much fun but really time consuming. ..but it comes out great. The brownie cake was made to look like a turquoise blue present with a white bow (and I even decorated a bakery box to make it look more professional). The person I made the brownie cake for actually hired me to make her mom the chocolate birthday cake… Yah!!! I’m serious, my first order!!! It was amazing!! I worked so hard on it too. When I do my bakerating it usually takes me a good two days to do everything, and this one definitely took the whole weekend to plan, assemble ingredients and bake and make. It came out pretty good, and it was surprisingly heavy. Ok so it was a two layer chocolate cake, with chocolate fondant, pink flowers, white pearls, white writing, and in the shape of a cross.


  With these creations I’ve had my share of baking numerous brownies, with my secret ingredient (which I can’t find any more in local stores). I’ve made a lot of cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. I might be missing a creation but if I do, I will post it; so don’t you worry. 😉 Oh, I forgot one more thing: I made holiday cupcakes for my Besties, in chocolate and vanilla. CHRISTMAS THEMES!


   Sorry about not having the actual pictures for a lot of these but yah, this year seems promising. Happy New Year! And I hope you had an awesome holiday.


A New Change

  So, I have decided to make a new and much more improving change to this blog. I haven’t used this thing since 2009, and its what..? about to be 2012. Its the end of 2011 and I want to start something new. This is going to be sort-of a resolution for the new year, but its definitely going to be a challenge. At the very least, every month I will be posting something creative.. starting right now!! But more importantley, this resolution to keep this blogging going is a record for me to keep for my cake and cupcake baking and decorating endeavors. I absolutley love cake and cupcake “bakerating.” Yes, I just made up a new word. “Bakerating” means baking/decorating. Most teenager are going to make up new terms for Lol, wth, or ttyl. But I just made up a baking term. How cool is that! Warning.. I can be quite nerdy and quirky sometimes. But I embrace this uniqueness.

  This blog is just for fun so please no intentionally mean comments. I would love constructive criticism, though. I am aware that I am “bakerating” beginner. I barely baked and decorated my first cake freshman year of highschool, for my friend’s birthday. I know Im not perfect, I just enjoy doing it. Unfortunatley, I misplaced alot of my creations from when I was starting out, but lets just say all the people I baked for loved my creations. And these are like cakes you can take to school. They are not like three tierd, majestic, cakes of  awesomeness. They’re made with love and creativity, and that should count for something. Advice to all those beginner bakers in highschool: If you’re planning to make your friend a cake, make it easier for you and the person you’re giving it to give it to by keeping it at a medium size and either bringing it in box or a pan with a lid, so its not to difficult to be carring around. I know highschools are different but, not all of them have lokers big enough to hold cakes. If you do have a loker that big, the box tip is just perfect. So enough of mu rambling. My next post will be bakerating or crafting related. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


Ntwagolos Support Group

  For the Ntwakgolos group, the month of May was very educational. The support group received their six week training course on leather and sewing work. They received certificates for that. The workshop allows them to be able to work from home. They make leather shoes, jackets purses, and wallets. The members can now make necklaces, bracelets and earings. This may allow them to make enough profits to get their work really started. Its good how they are learning a skill and they’re trying to make a profit.

Sua Community Junior Secondary School

   Peter Martinez, Peace Corps volunteer from California was serious about his subject when addressing the young students at Sua Community Junior Secondary school on important issues. Approximately 600+ students received a very informative and educational health talk on HIV/AIDS, STI’S, Teen age pregnancy, Alcohol Abuse, and Domestic Violence. As he was addressing them he used role play and statistics on the rate of HIV infections in their community to help them understand the risks and consequences. All the students left the assembly with a better understanding of whats expected of them. Its good that they learned about this, they’re in Jr. High so they should know this. This helps prevent teens from doing that sort of thing and others in the community can learn from them.

North Gate Lodge in Nata Village

  Nata Village is proud to present ans host the North Gate Lodge, a new accommodation facility that is strategically located at the Kasane, Francistown and Muan Road intersection. The lodge has become a big attraction in the small town. Seloma Tiro, the owner, is a man who had a vision of building a lodge slap-bang in the middle of Nata Village, and that’s how North Gate Lodge was created. The workers have worked really hard to get the lodge ready for it’s guests. There are 24 rooms-including chalets, family rooms, executive rooms and single rooms-all well furnished and competitively priced. There are a number of additional qualities about the facility. The lodge started operating in July 2008, finally securing it’s  licence in January after months of operating with a temporary licence. Its great that Nata Village, a really small town in Africa, can have an amazing hotel business. Its great for visitors and people who already live in Nata Village. Its a perfect little vacation in town.

Donations at Work (Mural Project)

   Nata Village along with Sua Secondary School Health Club and Nata Primary School were able to paint murals educating their community on staying healthy. Both Sua Secondary and Nata Primary School worked hard to put this event together. The students hope this idea will help encourage their community and travelers to learn more about being healthy. I think this is a great idea for the kids because its a way to give back to the community and they encourage art. Two things in one is truly a great accomplishment.

Donations in Nata Village

  R.A.D.S  stands for Remote Area Developement  Service. Peter Martinez, Kenewang Rancholo and Seloma Tiro helped make a lot of children happy at the R.A.D.S hostel in Nata Village by giving them 9 soccerballs donated by the trust. The balls will be used by the students after school and at their Recreation facility. The balls really help and make a difference because there are different soccer teams and the balls allow them to practice and compete well. After the students finish their school homework they get to enjoy themselves by playing soccer.

  I think that’s a great idea to donate equipment. This gets the kids into doing sports and exercising. It’s also great that they are working in teams and people are beginning to realize that Nata Village needs donation. After just one donation many more will come, I just know it.